No more computer! No more bags! No more jewelry!  No more safety!

I’m so sorry for not writing for a while, but things have been pretty hectic lately… Aside from being a new mom, creating for Hugs and Honis, and trying to get back to my pre-pregnancy self… my house was broken into!  Whoever decided to steal from me, took my computer, bags, jewelry and lots more!  How crazy is that!  Material things can come and go, but safety is key!  Such is life!  I was really bummed that this happened, but everyday is too precious to waste worrying… but, it is also a great reminder never to take things for granted.  I would never wish this upon anyone… it feels so violating.  Anyhow, we need to carry-on with a positive attitude and look to better days ahead, always being thankful for what we have left.

Just thought I’d share with you the events of last week!

~All of my love and blessings,


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