New Year 2012.

The on-going joke around here is that I’m soooooo 2000 and LATE! The new year came and went and my Christmas tree is still up, serving me the last of its scents. I’m surprised it didn’t get brown and fall to pieces being that I forgot to water it for most of the holidays…

Anyways, when all is said and done, its 2012, whether I like it or not. These past couple of days I’ve been pondering, trying to figure out why I haven’t yet embraced the new year. … BUT, Today, as my daughter took a nap and silence surrounded me, I realized that I’ve allowed myself to be caught up in all the NOISE of the world. God whispered to me… BE STILL AND KNOW!

It’s about time I take a chill pill and instead of looking around for all the answers, I need to be quiet and look within. Instead of writing a list of goals to conquer for this year, take it one day at a time and be content with what I have. Allow each moment to build up and take me to the next day. Live not for accomplishments, but Live with purpose. Let inspiration come to life without trying so hard to search for it. In reality, it’s all around me everyday… It’s the laughter of my daughter and the way her eyes twinkle when she smiles, it’s my husband’s shoulder to lean on, it’s the love of family, it’s the friendships that have seen us through the best and worst times and are still here to share that cup of coffee, it’s being ok with imperfection and mistakes… It’s simply saying YES to this life and being excited for what God has in store for us. Most of all it’s living with purpose and good intent. We might not understand everything, but it’s having the faith to know that all things have a reason. Take it moment by moment, day by day…

I guess it’s safe to say that I’ve finally arrived in 2012! Haha! It always takes me a little longer than others to realize things… hee-hee!

So, have a Happy New Year! Thank you for loving and supporting Hugs and Honis all these years! I hope all of your dreams come true and that you find your enlightenment for this blessed 2012!

All of my love,


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