Thank you Hilo!

All of my love to Hilo for loving Hugs and Honis!  Merrie Monarch week was such a special time for all of us at Hugs and Honis… It was so wonderful to see familiar faces and meet new ones!  There truly is no place like home!  Much Mahalo to you Hilo!  Congratulations to all of the Merrie Monarch participants too!  It was some kind of feeling to be in the midst of all of Hilo’s festivities!

To all of my friends who took the time to lend a helping hand, no words can express the thanks and love I have for you!  To the Hugs and Honis Hula Honeyz, thank you for bringing so much love and laughter to my days in Hilo!  I love you dearly!

Again, thank you Hilo!  You are a huge source of my inspiration!  So much love,


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